About Me

Hi, my name is Jacky Wong.


I’m a Front-end Developer and a Music Producer. It’s really nice to meet you!

Personal projects

  • jw1.dev —— My Blog
  • DaVinci GPT-3 —— A ChatGPT alternative using OpenAI’s API
  • M42 —— Message for two, an open source Instant Messaging App with strong security features
  • kover.js —— a jQuery plug-in which was made to implement background-size: cover in CSS3
  • lessby —— a CLI tool which was made to provide better less compile experience
  • vsharp —— a Vite plugin that can automatically compresses images after each builds


Github: jw-12138

E-mail: jw@jw1.dev

Things that I good at

Google 6 / 5
HTML, CSS, LessCSS, SCSS, Stylus 5 / 5
JavaScript, Babel, TypeScript, Vue, JQuery 4 / 5
NPM, Webpack, Vite, Parcel 4 / 5
NodeJs, PHP, Python 3.5 / 5
Linux Command Line 3.5 / 5
MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB 3 / 5
Caddy, Nginx 3 / 5

Open-source projects that this website is using

It was impossible to show you guys this website without these amazing open-source projects.

Huge thanks to you-all!