I’m tired.

发布时间: 2022-01-04

In the past two years, my music-making “business” is like, well, you can say miserable. 0 singles, 0 EPs, 0 Albums, only countless fucking demos. Why? Am I really this bad? NO! I know a lot about synth, I know a lot about mixing, I know a lot about sound processing, but what the fuck am I doing? Why the fuck can’t I make something, something that can be called a complete song, even if it sucks.

Turns out I wasn’t suck at making things, I suck at doing things patiently. I bought lots and lots of plugins and I did nothing with them but only made me a poor ass motherfucker, is this the software to blame? or am I just a lazy fucking human-shaped meatball?

I haven’t touched my skateboard since WWI. Skateboarding isn’t too hard for me, and it did a lot of favors of keeping me in shape. So why did I quit you might ask, cuz I’m a lazy fucking human-shaped meatball ain’t I? Grab your fucking skateboard and go fucking skate meatball!

Talking about coding, oh, I really learned a lot in this year, I mean last year (2021), if you have a time machine and arrest the 2020 me, I could do a 10-0 to him, so now there are two me(s), it’s like, me-me. Yes meme! The fucking memes, I watched too many memes, every time I wanted to do something seriously, these are the obstacles that’ll always ruin it, these are the mind poison that’ll always destroy me! Destroy the real me!!

I’m tired of me being like this. Maybe this year will be a good start,

to change.